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Friday, 20 March 2015

What's New In Boston?

Ever heard of 'parking by plate'? That means parking meters will be gone in most locations. Instead, users will pay at a kiosk and payment will be attached to their license plate rather than spot number, allowing drivers to pay for a segment of time and use it at any spot in they city. It will use a mobile app that will identify open spots as well as accept payments. Cash dollars will no longer be accepted.Cash, Brown said, is one of the top reasons the existing pay kiosks jam and are out of service.

Many small business owners in Detroit complain about the broken meters surrounding them and say specter of a $45 ticket prevents people from shopping in their businesses. Technically, you can be ticketed for parking at a broken meter. But because it's broken — and in some cases every meter on the block is broken — you can't pay. So as a patron you are forced to choose between supporting a local business and taking a $45 ticket. That's an economic choice nobody wants to make.

This is not the only advancement being made in the parking systems world. parking systems are now becoming revolutionary in the effort to make parking for everyone much easier and less stressful. Different systems usually depend on the need by the client or on a specific situation.

Other than Boston, other cities are also making their own parking system advancements for example, cars can nowadays park themselves by using your own mobile phone others can search for the parking spot themselves and when you're done the car will come to you. This goes to show the effortless innovations being made on parking systems and we can only wait anxiously to see what comes next. More to come on the latest parking systems.

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