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Friday, 20 March 2015

Disadvantages of Multi Storey Parking

Multi storey building have for a long time been housing parking systems and parking equipment that has evolved overtime. Depending on the building, it may contain different kinds of parking equipment usually tailored to the needs or requirements of the client or structure. Though, as much as parking equipment is an advancement it's not all roses and sunshine as most would think. Here are some of the disadvantages of multi-story parking:

Structure That Deteriorates
Multi-story parking facilities support hundreds of thousands of pounds of vehicles, people and equipment every day. Because the garages support very large amounts of weight and loads that constantly change, the structures quickly deteriorate in the absence of constant maintenance activity.

In addition, changing weather and environmental conditions can deteriorate a garage's steel support structure, creating an unsafe environment for garage users. A number of corrosion inhibitors can help delay processes that eat away at the structure's integrity, according to the National Resource Council, but constant maintenance and upkeep must include anti-corrosion measures to keep multi-story parking facilities structurally sound.

Different considerations in Parking
Because many drivers of varying levels of skills and experience drive in, around and out of parking garages every day, designers must pay special attention to the configuration of parking spaces within the structures. Two-way traffic flow in a multi-story garage presents a number of parking challenges for drivers and designers.

Parallel parking, for example, creates an inefficient use of limited space, while straight parking spaces make parking difficult for some drivers. Other options, like angled parking, do not work well with a two-way traffic flow and can only work well in garages with separate entrance and exit openings.

Those are the major disadvantages, but in terms of equipment which is a plus to many buildings. It's always advisable to make sure you have the right parking equipment installed.

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