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Friday, 30 January 2015

Parking Lot System Efficiency

Parking Lot System Efficiency

Will will soon run out of parking spots and have to pile cars on each other? It's literally become a war out there, try snatching someone's parking spot rather than continuing to circle the block or garage again -- and again. Apart from one of the world's biggest growing issues; we ask ourselves, how can we improve this parking efficiency? Well as far as technology goes, we can definitely see improvements, but  how far a stretch are they solving the crisis. This brings us to parking lot systems and their effectiveness.

The brightest minds and the most advanced tech has brought about very sophisticated parking lot systems today, but does it solve the problem the efficiency of finding the spot to begin with. Well, where you park and how much you pay is entirely up to your discretion, but we can always know what makes up great parking lot systems and equipment. Let us look at a few examples:

- Simplicity - if your parking lot systems are simple and effective, i.e. people or literally anyone can use it and easily navigate around your parking area then you have a winner.

- Versatile pay stations - by versatile I mean many forms of payment. By now if you're still offering cash or coins only you need a serious upgrade my friend. This is well worth your investment in the long term. Especially by phone also is very interesting to have as part of the system.

- Automated barrier gates and different ways someone can access the lot.  This is also another good quality to go hand in hand with parking lot systems.

- Directional signs can also assist to let drivers know where available parking spaces are (which garage, street, level of the parking garage) by literally pointing them to areas with more parking availability.

There are so many detectors of quality and effective in your equipment and parking lot systems but those are a few you can start with. Just remember though that as much as it may fit these aspects, it has to fit to your specifications and tailored to your area otherwise you're going to experience a lot of problems which at the end doesn't make it worth it. Choose wisely!

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