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Friday, 20 February 2015

Parking Lot Systems Are What You Need

Most people would give the "ok" but not really satisfied but it does serve a purpose. It's never a good idea to settle for less because that's exactly what you'll get in return, substandard parking lot system which eventually will stress you out!

There are high quality and an affordable parking lot system that can be specifically tailored to your needs.Whether it's barrier gates using a small lot system, payment solutions like pay stations or pay in lane or even multi-space meters. Whether large or small business there are solution for all parking spaces. This is not the only reason to upgrade or install a parking lot system but also what it saves you and your customers/employees in the long run. Some of the benefits are:

Good Investment

The investment in automated parking garages enables high returns on investment due to the high level of space efficiency and utilization of the same. In particular, a parking lot system represent profitable investment opportunities for municipal authorities, parking corporations, property and business owners as well as other investors.


Computer controlled parking garages enable and facilitate the integration of novel services, such as parking space reservation systems, traffic control, carwash stations for parked vehicles and many more innovative customer services and support systems.


Parking lot systems are designed to offer better security for car users because of proof of exit sometimes requiring proper identification. This ensures only you leave with your vehicle.

Maintenance of Buildings

Even though computerized parking facilities require considerably more electrical power, the management and maintenance of the parking facilities is much less labor-intensive. In addition, due to conveying technology, no polluting vehicle exhaust is emitted in the parking building.

Space Requirements

An automated parking lot system requires up to 50% less volume of the parking structure to handle the same number of vehicles compared to conventional, ramped parking facilities. Depending on the specific configuration of the parking lot system, automated parking facilities may also require less real estate than conventional garages.

Construction Costs

Depending on the specific configuration of the parking facility, an automated parking lot system might also require less real estate. In general, construction costs are thus comparable to average costs of conventional parking buildings. Construction of parking facilities below ground add to the competitiveness of a parking lot system as less construction volume is required to handle the same amount of cars.

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