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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Are You Safe?

Last year Target was infamously the, er, target of Black Friday bad guys. This year, though, it’s not just stores losing your information to criminals. Now you have to worry about the parking lots and systems outside of them, too.

SecurityWeek reported over the holiday weekend that hackers got into the parking lot systems of a large parking vendor this year, and were indeed able to steal customer name and payment card information.

So how safe are your parking lot systems? The company has not yet notified consumers whose card numbers were breached. However, they are currently working with the payment processor to identify which card numbers were stolen, in order to alert the card-issuing banks. Parking garage hacks are just the latest in a long and seemingly never-ending string of data breaches.

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that you may as well assume that anyplace you use a credit card will eventually be hacked. So remember: keep a strong eye on all your card and account statements while you’re doing your holiday shopping, and call the bank at the first mysterious sign.

Therefore, make sure when looking for the right parking lot systems, although not saying you will be 100% safe, but choosing the best reduces the risk of it happening. There are various characteristic you can look out for when choosing like experience and quality of their parking lot systems amongst many others.

As the world moves forward in technology so do hackers and they are becoming more sophisticated by the day so always choose best. Make sure to also have your parking lot systems tailored to suite your needs and not something forced on to you or just for general purpose.

Just as you must choose the best parking lot systems, they should go in hand with very good equipment otherwise you'll end up with a 'three-legged table' meaning it won't be balanced or give the full output.

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