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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Benefits of Parking Systems To Customers

There are many things to consider when deciding whether to install automated parking systems. Here are some benefits to customers of installing parking systems :

-More LEED points
-No vehicle vandalism or theft
-No damage from other vehicles
-Luxury parking experience
-Increased driver’s safety
-Less CO2 emissions
-More green space
-Structural grid spacing allowing better structural continuity
-Better entitlements for developers

Of course, as seen today, automated parking systems have a lot of benefits as compared to conventional parking. The precise benefits would vary with systems type and project site but the general potential benefits are listed below.

-High levels of recycled content through the use of steel in equipment (steel has high levels of recycled content).
-Reduced risk of accidents to pedestrians.
-Provision for cyclists as the parking pallets can contain bike racks (pallet systems).
-Preferred parking for car sharing and low emission vehicles.
-Electric vehicle charging facilities.
-Increased personal security and safety especially at night.
-Reduced acoustic noise.
-Potential reduction in operational energy consumption through no internal lighting requirements (except for maintenance), simple ventilation as only two air changes per hour are required and no requirement for other energy consuming assets including passenger lifts, amenities and barrier control systems.
-Minimization of waste as standardized modular units constructed offsite using modern methods of construction.
-Reduced vehicles emissions (CO2, NOx, PM10) as engines are switched off during parking process.
-Low embodied carbon in materials used.
-Smaller building footprint reduces the need for excavation and ground works, reducing the amount of construction waste sent to landfill.

The most important factor to consider on how much in costs automated parking systems. Cost is a critical factor but it’s too simplistic, and misleading, to merely compare the cost per space of automated parking systems with the cost per space of conventional parking. Here are  potential cost savings by using automated parking systems:

Tax benefits through accelerated depreciation
Reduced operator requirements
Importantly there’s the added value from the space gained by installing an automated parking system providing more leasable or sellable real estate
Reduced construction time
Reduced excavation
Reduced land cost
Reduced air rights costs
Reduced lighting, heating and ventilation requirements
Reduced insurance premiums

Automated parking systems are the future and improve everyday. Some advancements include cars that drive themselves to the parking spaces and back to the driver which is a breakthrough and has simplified the lives of people today.

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