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Friday, 26 June 2015

Parking and Control

Over the last several years, the use of technology has accelerated in the parking and transportation industry. With these advances come new terms and changes to some definitions of terms we thought we knew. Terms such as parking control equipment and parking meter are not one in the same thing.

Parking control equipment refers to the physical parts that control the parking area starting from the barrier gates whilst the parking control system is the user interface that manages the in and out of the parking facility.

Different companies out there offer various solutions for your parking control equipment or parking control system and depending on your needs e.g. some of the parking control equipment come with weatherproof stainless steel enclosure, their access control has a card reader, intercom, keypad, long range reader and so much more.

Your parking control equipment must be kept up to date and maintained well, this also goes for your parking control system. Some features of parking control systems can be in terms of e.g. number plate reading, fingerprint scanning, identity cards, etc., Parking control systems and parking control equipment should be user friendly and ensure easy use for customers.

A secure parking control system includes security gates, pay stations, and ticket dispensers. A parking control system can control access and generates revenue in parking lots and garages.

 If your parking area is still running on stone age parking control equipment or parking control system methods, you should seriously think of upgrading because you are actually losing both money and time as these are made to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

So many companies out there provide these products and services but very few are high quality and understand you as a client. Go for companies that have the most experience and track record when looking around. You must also make sure your equipment and system go hand in hand in order to have a harmonious workflow. Getting equipment from one company and the system from another may bring problems during operation as both the system and equipment may not integrate properly.


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