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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Parking That's Automated

This is your year to start making changes that benefit you and your business, the time to start considering a better future that will make work all the much easier. Automated parking is a solution that is tried and tested to make your parking spaces more efficient and effective. Automated parking has been around for years but you'll be surprised that many still operate "manual" parking which is very surprising considering the many benefits automated parking has which include:

BOOST YOUR BRAND. The best part about this automated parking, the equipment can be personally branded to boost your company and make it look more professional. The best companies offer this at no cost! 

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY. Use areas of your parking lot more productively with automated parking.

INCREASE REVENUE. View automated parking as a money maker and not stressful instead, you should capture all of your parking income by ensuring that every vehicle must pay to get out. Increase turnover with hourly parking. Reduce overhead by decreasing staffing levels.  This is an indeed money maker as most people have testified making more from paid parking than any other aspect for your business.

CONTROL PARKING. A well designed automated parking can provide a great experience for your customers, better access for your staff and also make sure those meant to be in your premises are in your premises, paying customers, employees, monthly pass holders or others who should actually be there.

IMPROVE SECURITY. Using automated parking, view your site from literally anywhere and anytime. View live and recorded videos from strategically placed cameras in your automated parking.

COMPREHENSIVE AUDITS. Generate redundant audit trail for cash collections and reconciliation using your automated parking. Track transaction types, revenue generation and statistics from a single management control center at date and time intervals that coincide with management’s operational objectives.

Automated parking is literally the best option if you have parking space that is underutilized or without automated parking. Automated parking is readily available but to get the best you must visit the best.

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