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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Seniors and Hospital Parking Systems

Seniors and the younger generation are interestingly finding a common ground when it comes to particular needs. Needs like convenience and ease-of-use are becoming a trend with a growing participation in online shopping. Things such as household items to even healthcare. This particular trend is now extending to hospital parking systems because visits to hospitals become regular around that age.

With regular visits to hospitals, hospital parking systems must be accommodating to them and, thus, a priority for your hospital. Surprisingly, seniors consider the hospital parking facility as the key indicator of the first impression, second only to the lobby. Seniors have a reputation for low tolerance so it is important to understand your users well, but here are some off the top tips on what to consider:

1. Ease of use. Large text, user friendly interfaces, step-by-step instructions are desirable hospital parking systems

2. Speed, not lines; happy to use a digital payment kiosk if it’s the quickest way to pay on their hospital parking systems

3. Using a credit card to pay is fine but it must be visible at all times. If the machine ingests the card during use, that is a cause for worry on their hospital parking systems

Getting to know your seniors can be very important for your hospital parking systems because it can have a significant impact on your establishment. There are various resources that can help you understand them better or view statistics on seniors, or you can also visit reputable companies to get advice on how to proceed with your hospital parking systems and also if you move to the next stage, have it installed for you as well.

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